Alcohol Increases Chances of Survival in Emergency Rooms


Alcohol is well known for its ill effects and has been held many a times as the cause for ending up in an Emergency Room however, the recent study has brought some new information that might slightly alter such views. According to the study carried out by the University of Illinois, Chicago’s school of public health it has been observed that the people would have a better shot at survival if the content of alcohol in their blood was higher when brought to the trauma centre.

According to their study where in over 190,000 patients were observed in between the years 1995- 2005 , it was found that for high  Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) , the chances of survival increased as much as 50% and this factor held good for injuries caused to due penetration , other crucial brain and spinal cord injuries and also forvarious other injuries.

Lee Friedman, the lead researcher from this team says that chances of survival only held good for victims who made it to the hospital and the people with no alcohol in their blood could end up with a cardiac arrests while in trauma centers. According to Friedman this relation holds good only between BAC and the mortality rate in the hospital. Out of 190,612 patients that were observed, the link was so established. The 6773 deaths that were reported in the hospital showed that chances of survival were more for people with a higher BAC rate and these results held good for penetration, brain and other such injuries however, they did not hold good for injuries caused by burns.
Friedman has to say that no alcohol in ones blood can increase the chance of a cardiac arrest and other such diseases while one is in the emergency ward. We can say that alcohol alone is fatal enough to kill many but if its protective effects are being discovered, it should be considered like a step in the right direction but until then drink cautiously.

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