Alzheimer’s Disease Onset Linked To Low Testosterone Levels


Brain imagesA study recently published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease shows that low levels of the male hormone testosterone make men at risk of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). The joint research conducted by geriatric medicine units of the St. Louis University Hospital in Missouri and Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong studied 153 Chinese men aged 57 years old or more.

Forty seven of the men have mild cognitive impairment (MCI) at the start of the study and ten of the MCI-positive subjects exhibited AD symptoms within a year. Medical tests on this ten show that they have low testosterone levels, high blood pressure, and elevated apolipoprotein E, a substance known to increase the risk of Alzheimer’s.

The association of low testosterone levels with brain impairment and the subsequent onset of Alzheimer’s disease indicates that having normal male hormone levels can protects older men from both MCI and AD.

Picture Credit : Institut Douglas

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