Be Stronger With A Banana


Be Stronger With A Banana

Don’t look now but banana, a fruit largely taken for granted by many, may just be the energy booster you need when you need a quick fix. Filled with sucrose, fructose and glucose – three natural sugars needed by the body to maintain energy levels, just two bananas is enough to sustain the energy requirements of a 90-minute workout.

In addition, bananas contain iron, potassium and vitamins that keep the body healthy and reduce risks of anemia, hypertension, stroke, constipation, depression, heartburn, PMS and ulcers. An all-natural remedy for many ills, a banana also lessens hangover and morning sickness, soothes insect bites, and regulates metabolic rates. One banana gives 15% of the daily requirement for vitamin C, 11% of potassium and 16% of the body’s daily fiber needs.

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