Breast Reduction Surgery Increases the Overall Well Being among Women



Breast Reduction Surgery also known as reduction mammoplasty is the process by which the some of the tissue and skin from the breasts is removed to reshape and reduce the size of the breasts. It can also make the dark area surrounding the nipple smaller. In order to remove the tissue and skin from the breast, the surgeon first makes a couple of incisions in the breast and thereby the tissue and the skin are removed, the skin is stitched back through the sutures. In some cases an entire repositioning of the areola and the nipple is required. This is an easy surgery that takes around 3 to 5 hours and is done in a hospital using anesthesia.

For whatever reason a woman might undergo breast reduction, the surgery is a very common one performed with minimal difficulty; in fact it is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgeries. A recent research has revealed that breast reduction surgery is actually helpful in improving the patient’s health. This research was published by the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in its August issue, where in it was put forth that breast reduction surgery could raise a woman’s physical as well as mental well- being. The survey conducted post these surgeries showed that women expressed satisfaction with their psychological and physical health as well as the shape and size of their breasts. The women who were surveyed also revealed that they experienced less pain in their back, neck, breasts and shoulders post this surgery. The women also reported that they were able to sleep better and felt more comfortable while exercising after they had undergone the breast reduction surgery.

The survey was designed to rate the effectiveness of breast reduction surgery, the participants had to rate their psychological satisfaction on a scale of hundred. The results revealed that the psychological satisfaction rate raised considerably post the surgery. The average satisfaction level post the surgery was recorded to be 84 while the satisfaction level recorded before the surgery being 41. When asked to rate their sexual satisfaction and physical health post the surgery, the average rating received was 78 and 81 respectively.

The researchers said that the main purpose of the above research was to establish the fact that breast reduction surgeries do improve the overall well being of the patients. This was mainly done so that the insurance companies could start covering breast reduction surgeries as well, knowing that they are for the good of the patient. They also point out that these surgeries increase the overall health, decrease the expensive procedures and complains and ensure satisfaction of the patient, this alone justifies their coverage by the insurance companies.

Thus, keeping in mind both the pros and cons, it would ideal to say that a procedure that is for the well being of the patients should definitely receive the nod from the insurance companies.

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