Casual Sex among Young Adults can lead to Stress



Casual sex, the word is defined as ‘any type of sexual activity outside the context of a romantic relationship’. In recent times, casual sex, also known as hook ups have become quite a trend among young adults in high schools and colleges. The adolescents these days are indulging in rampant casual sexual activity without realizing its negative impact on their body and mind. In fact, as per a latest study carried out by the researchers of California State University, Sacramento, California it has been found that young adults who indulge in casual sex are likely to experience greater depression and anxiety than others.

To prove their claim, the researchers interviewed 3,900 young adults from across the United States of America as a part of the study titled Risky Business: Is There An Association Between Casual Sex And Mental Health Among Young Adults and asked them questions about their sex lives, about how often they indulged in casual sex and also about their mental fitness. It was found that about 11 percent of the participants who had filled in the survey had indulged in casual sexual activity over a month before the survey was conducted. The main aim of the study was to conclude whether or not casual sex had a negative impact on a young individual‘s mind and body.

After a thorough analysis of the feedback received from young adults all over the country, Dr. Melina M. Bersamin of the California State University, Sacramento has admitted that casual sex indeed has a negative impact on the mental and physical disposition of young adults. In fact it would be foolish to rule out the negative impacts here. A young person engaging in frequent casual sexual activity has to be adequately advised such that he/ she can be aware of its impacts and make better choices before indulging in further. Dr. Bersamin also said that casual sex in young adults was related to stress both psychologically and physically.

As per some of the previous studies it was observed that men were more frequent when indulging in casual sex compared to women. However in this study, gender was not observed as an influencing character. Contradicting the findings of this study Chattered Psychologist Dr. Michael Reddy says that the study does not give us clear details about how casual sex is associated with depression and anxiety. He also adds there is no attempt to decide either is cause or effect of the other.

So, we don’t really know how close or precise the association between depression and casual sex is but, it is a fact that young adults do have to put up with a lot of stress and peer pressure and indulging in frequent hook ups would only add to that.


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