Frequent Hook ups Common among Women Entering the Freshman Year


GirlsFreshman year is a very important from a student’s point of view it helps in shaping up their careers and not only that, it lays the foundation of their overall personality and how they might end up for the rest of their lives. During the freshman year everyone looks for ways to get accepted and be a part of the popular crowd. To co op up with the peer pressure where in one has to deal with challenges like hooking up, drug/ alcohol abuse, and being a part of the popular crowd and so on. Hooking up has become a popular trend in college campuses especially among the students in their freshman year. This prevalence has increased to such an extent that many people now believe that hook ups are gradually replacing romantic relationships. On closely pondering over why some students tend to hook up more often than the others, we come across a mesh of forces that tend to influence the sexual relationships of young adults.

A recent survey carried out by The Miriam Hospital’s Center for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine reveals that there is a pattern and a range of reasons associated with a woman’s willingness to engage in casual sexual encounters frequently.

Lead Author Robyn L. Fielder who is also a research intern at Miriam Hospital points out that instead of looking at one reason we need to focus on the range of closely related factors influencing the sexual relationships among young adults. As per the survey carried out by Fielder where in as many as 483 female students participated and were interviewed over a span of 8 months over a number of topics like drug/ marijuana abuse, their perception of sexual encounters and their sexuality. The finding clearly show that women who had previously engaged in casual sexual encounters before entering college were likely to keep up the trend during the later years of college life as well ,also marijuana abuse was pointed out as an influencing factor over increased sexual activity.
Fielder also said that there were other factor like social and family background, substance abuse and so on that indicated a woman’s approach to sexual relationships. Since these casual sexual relationships also known as hook ups were likely to have negative impacts on both the physical and psychological lives of individuals, Fielder urged the Health Care Representatives to guide the individuals appropriately so that they can make more informed choices about their sexual life.

At 107th Annual Meeting of American Sociological Association, a research was presented showing that students engaging in frequent sexual encounters were more likely to lose respect among peers than others, this study also pointed out that 48 percent of the students judged both men and women indulging in casual sex frequently.

The findings of this study clearly educate the individuals to explore their sexual lives more carefully and responsibly to avoid having negative impacts on their lives.

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