Full moon madness, a myth!


Full_moon-300x300Various urban legends have said that the crimes increase on full moon nights and new moon nights. Does the Lunar cycle actually affect the human psychological behavior?

Studies conducted by a group of psychologists from Canada have revealed that lunar cycle has no influence on crime rate, injuries and other events that have been believed to rise during full moon and new moon in the lunar cycle.

More than 770 hospital patients were put under observation but there was no evidence of a lunar link in their behavior.

According to Professor Genevieve Belleville, a psychologist that erratic behavior among the patients could be because of other factors but there was no was no full moon or new moon effect observed.

The analyses of the study were that there was no link between psychological problems and the four lunar phases added the Professor.

The cause for such psychological stress among the patients was found to be mental health of patients and timing had no pattern except that the psychological stress were 32% less in the last quarter of lunar period.

This myth has been believed to be true on various occasions. Nearly 80% of nurses and 63% of doctors were convinced that the number of patients for psychological problems were more on a full moon day than other days. There has been an increase in police forces across Brighton to Ohio on a full moon day blaming the day for the rise in criminal activities. Some people even blame the full moon day for President George W. Bush unexpected win in the year 2000.

Thus though people may have an abnormal psychological behavior on the full moon and new moon days but it is not because of the lunar cycle and it could be because of other factors such as mental imbalance and other similar factors.

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