How To Respond When Others Question Your Faith

No matter how strong your faith may be, the day will come when you are faced by one or more people who decide to challenge your belief in God. This is a perfectly natural occurrence and you should not feel threatened in any way. But the first time it happens may seem a little confrontational and unpleasant. This article looks at these scenarios and offers some solace that may help you to deal with this situation without losing your cool.

What Is Meant By Apologetics?

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This term was devised to describe the act of defending a position, often a religious one, by using facts and practices. It is commonly used to describe the time when religious people are defending their faith to a group of non-religious critics. It can also be used to describe the scenario when religious people are volunteering information about their faith to outsiders in order to persuade them to become interested in worshipping God. This practice has many responses to questions about God’s existence and some of these can be used when we are challenged about our beliefs in an everyday situation.

Be Prepared

It is always best to have a good knowledge about any topic that you are being challenged about. This also applied to your faith and belief in God, so read the Bible as often as possible and digest the information that you are taking in. Understand the meanings of the parables and try to make the connections between the Torah and the New Testament. It is only by true understanding that your faith will be strengthened.

Don’t Wait To Be Challenged

Instead of dreading that moment when somebody points a finger at you and criticises your beliefs, why not offer some information and see what response you get? Nobody enjoys being on the back foot and you can use this proactive stance to your advantage. You needn’t be too assertive, but offer some insight into your own reasons for believing in God. Ask your friends if they have any specific questions about your religion and see what they come up with. Find out what the most common areas of religion interest them and if you do not have the answers, write the questions down and research the required responses when you have a moment.

The Most Common Questions

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This will depend on whether or not your friends are being genuine or not, but the following queries tend to crop up more often than others:

  • Why does God allow good people to die young?
  • How did Jesus rise from the dead?
  • Is the Bible true or just a fairy tale?
  • Does the Bible agree with abortion and homosexuals?

Speak To Your Peers

Answering these questions and many more that are bound to come your way, is a matter of choice. The more you truly understand the teachings of God, the better chance you have of finding the answers. Speak to your Christian friends and ask them for advice on these matters. Some sceptics will never accept your answers, but you may find others are more sympathetic towards your religion.

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This post was contributed by Rosy Bennett; she is a member of a beautiful evangelical church in London, Ontario and she is a god-fearing person. She enjoys reading and writing during her free time.

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