Multivitamins To The Rescue

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Well… seems like multivitamins are now going to appear on the list of everyone’s must have medicines. Why?  Because as per the recent study conducted by the Journal Of Medical Association, men who took a multivitamin have shown a reduction of as much as 8% in cancer risk compared to their peers who didn’t take any multivitamins.

Earlier, the tests carried had tried to the probe the links between multivitamin intake and cancer reduction but had ended up with mixed results stating no relationship, protective effect or potential harm.

The current study is the first of its kind, a randomized controlled trial (Physicians Health Study ii or PSH ii) where in the links between the long term effects of multivitamin use and reduction in chronic diseases was tested. During this study the researchers had the 14,461 middle aged and older men as volunteers. These men were made to take either a multivitamin or a medical supplement or a placebo over a period of 11 years. The observation revealed that the volunteers using multivitamins showed a steady significant 8% reduction in overall cancers compared to their peers who took a placebo. But there was no difference in the risk of prostate cancer nor was there a difference in deaths due to cancer between the two groups.

The protective effect of multivitamin was observed in men older than 70 years, in men with no cancer history and in men with a history of cancer. The study showed 27% reduction in cancer risk in men with a history of cancer.

As of now it is not clear as to whether these findings hold good for younger men, women and children as well but what we do know is that if we have a healthy lifestyle no added supplements are really required to ward off cancer risk.

Maintaining a healthy weight, regular physical activity, a plan based diet, reduction in alcohol and red meat intake can ensure you that good life. So let us follow this mantra and keep cancer risk at bay.

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  1. I would be very curious as to what the multivitamin contained in the study. A majority of multivitamins may be more helpful that taking nothing at all, but not by much. Considering the cost of most of these pills it is much more effective to do your research and find a total immune supplement or design a plan around proven effective natural supplements like Vitamin D3, Ubiquinol CoQ10 and Acetyl Glutathione.

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