She Wants A Lot More Loving


So one would reckon that after a long day spent on looking after home and kids all a woman would desire is a good night’s sleep or a day off at a spa but hey! You are mistaken, in a survey that was conducted recently where in 900 women of an average age of 38 were observed and questioned it was found that after eight hours of continuous sleep, women wish for good 106 minutes of romance to be precise which was followed by spending time on the computer, 98 minutes and socializing 82 minutes. Relaxation appeared next on their wish list, followed by shopping 56 minutes and spending time on the phone 57 minutes. This list also included 68 minutes of exercising and 36 minutes on work.

The researchers also kept in mind while writing in the Journal of Economic Psychology that most pleasurable activities become less enjoyable when done for a longer period of time. They also analyzed data from US time Use Survey which kept a track of the amount of time men and women spend on different activities to produce a perfect routine. The result showed 16 different activities each spanning between 33 minutes to 106 minutes. However, if women were to have it their way completely they would spend as much as 619 minutes a day with their partner, 103 minutes socializing and 73 minutes relaxing. They would spend no time commuting and 2 minutes each with housework and children.

Greater well being is ensured when more time is spent with friends and relatives than with the employer as per The University of Bremen, Germany and The Georgia Institute of Technology in the U.S.

What we can really do is start spending a little more time with our friends and folks to ensure greater happiness and a stress free life.

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