Top Ways To Improve Productivity When Working From Home

Working from home requires a great amount of discipline and dedication if you hope to be able to achieve an output similar to what you would be likely to accomplish in an office. At home there is no boss breathing down your neck to ensure that you aren’t ‘slacking’ and there are just too many distractions from the television to the phone that beckon you away from what you’re meant to be doing.

One of the best ways to prevent this is to think harder about how you want to set up your working environment at home to reduce distractions and encourage productivity. Here we will look at some ways to do that to help you work better.

Have More Than One Place to Sit


So let’s say that you’re back is getting achy at the desk. You get up, you stretch, you sit on the sofa – and what’s that? The TV remote ends up in your hand.

In other words, if you want to encourage work then you need to make it bearable and that means making it comfortable. Having more than one place where you can sit and knuckle down is very useful in this regard, so consider having a bean bag where you can recline with a laptop as well as your desk.

Have Something Good in the Background

Work-from-home setup

Having something good on in the background is a great way to prevent yourself getting bored. If you spend all day writing articles and doing nothing else then that will quickly become dry and boring and you’ll start looking elsewhere for entertainment. Conversely, if you have some good music on in the background, or even TV with the sound turned down, then this can add just enough colour and interest to avoid you feeling the need to look for entertainment elsewhere.

The other thing that’s useful about this is that if you have music on, it will make it harder to do anything else distracting – you won’t be able to watch TV for instance without turning off the CD player so that prevents the ‘just ten minutes’ argument.

Set Up Your Tech

2009 Apple Workstation (Top)

Chances are in this day and age that working from home involves sitting in front of a computer. In that case then you need to make sure that your computer is working so make sure that you maintain it well and avoid abusing it so that it’s always quick to load up and as functional as possible.

Meanwhile you should also stock up on any supplies you need. This means ensuring you have a spare black toner cartridge to hand so that you aren’t forced to stop printing and having lots of paper in reserve too.

Shut Off the Internet

No Internet

And in the worst case scenario? If you really can’t focus and you find you’re spending all your time on YouTube? Then do what you know has to be done and disconnect the internet until you’ve completed the bulk of your work. You could consider getting your partner to lock you in the study too but that may be a bit extreme for most people…

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