Walnuts can help combat heart Diseases



Heart diseases have been on the rise lately. As per the latest survey an 11.5 percent of noninstitutionalized adults were diagnosed with heart diseases in the United States alone.  Keeping in mind, this horrific trend, there has been a constant lookout for probable solutions to keep a check on the rising cases of people being diagnosed with heart diseases. Walnuts have always been known for their nutritional value, walnuts are the store houses of omega -3 fats. These fats are essential for human development; however our body can’t produce them. Their importance is considered immense in preventing diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and inflammation. The importance of walnuts to prevent cardiovascular diseases has been published by the Yale- Griffin Prevention Research Centre in the Journal of American College of Nutrition. The study has uncovered considerable improvement in blood vessel functioning of volunteers who consumed two ounces of walnut per day for eight weeks.

Walnuts have been known to prevent diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases since quite some time now. Dr. David L. Katz, the principal investigator of this study has associated walnut intake with improvement in blood vessel functioning and has also revealed why walnuts are so beneficial. He pointed out that walnuts are rich sources of omega- 3 fats which are known to prevent various heart related diseases and are essential for overall nutrition of the body. He further added that since the consumption of walnuts made us feel full, it became easier to avoid less nutritional foods. Thus, he credited walnut intake with a whole bunch of benefits.

The above benefits of walnut consumption were justified by a study conducted on adult individuals whose average age was about 57 years and who suffered from conditions like high blood pressure, high glucose levels and so on which were known to lead to diabetes. The study participants were asked to maintain their regular eating habits during the eight week period called the “control phase.” This was followed by the “walnut phase” where the participants were asked to continue their regular diets except for an additional intake of two ounces of walnuts everyday for an eight week period.

The findings of the study clearly pointed out that after the “walnut phase”, there was significant improvement in the functioning of the cardiovascular system of the volunteers. Also there was considerable stability in the waist line and improvement in the high blood pressure trends was noted.

The study has paved way for prevention of cardiovascular diseases and can help individuals who might be at the risk of suffering from them. This study that has been funded by California Walnut Association is funding further long term researches in this direction to bring out the benefits of walnut consumption and make more people aware about it.

Thus, we can now look at including some walnuts in our daily diet, not only to keep us away from the risk of heart diseases but also to ensure overall nutrition.

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