Women Apologizes More Often Than Men


The long-held belief that women apologize more than men has empirical basis, a new study published in the journal Psychological Science reveals. The two-part study involves 33 university students who recorded instances when they apologized or when they ought to apologize but didn’t and when someone did something offensive whether the culprit apologized or not. The other study probed into how men and women look at the severity of various offenses.

In the first part, it was found that both sexes apologized about 81% of the time when they consider their actions foul but women reported committing more offensive acts than men. Women also rated offenses as more severe than men did, resulting in a lower threshold for what they consider offensive. Thus, females are more likely to apologize more often than men not because the latter are resisting doing so but rather, because they believed that the action is not offensive.

Picture Credit : butupa
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