Yawning Linked To Fetus Growth?


The researchers have a come up with a new way of determining the health of the fetus, well according to this new test conducted by Durham University and Lancaster University where in the 3D scan of 15 healthy fetuses was observed it was concluded that yawning is an activity that indicates the health and development of the baby.

There are some researchers who decline the process of yawning and call it just the opening of mouth by the fetus. However, the difference between yawning and opening of mouth has now been clearly pointed out by the new research where in the duration of opening the mouth was observed. During this research it was also observed that more than half of the times opening of the mouth was for yawning.

According to the study carried out where in 8 female and 7 male fetuses around 24-36 weeks from gestation were observed the there was a decline in the frequency of yawning from 28 weeks and also that the pattern did not vary between boys and girls.
And although it is too early to establish the role of yawning, the experts say that it has some concrete role in fetal development and it might help in determining the health of the fetus.

Dr. Nadja Reissland who leads the team from Durham University’s department of psychology has to say that this study has only underlined the previous researches proving that yawning indicates the health of the fetus and as the development in the fetus increases the yawning decreases. Thus proving hat yawning is actually an indication of a healthy fetus. Although further research is required where in both the mother and the child would have to be tested to conclude that yawning is linked to the central nervous system and has role in the development of the fetus.

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